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“Jharokha… Glimpses of Visuals”- Visual Merchandising Competition 2011


Visual merchandising or VM as it is popularly known as is the art and science of presenting products especially by their creative display in retail outlets by the means of effective design solutions, in order to generate traffic, create interest and buzz- and of course, generate sales. VM is one of the most important pieces in running the retail business. The visual merchandiser is there, not to impose ideas, but to help clients articulate their own personal style. It consists of not only Window Display but also include In- Store Display and Online Display.


Window display is the most controllable element in relation to image of the store and the merchandise displayed that can be exploited by a retailer. Not only are they entertaining to the innocent pedestrians or the window shoppers but at the same time they are silently selling the offers and the merchandise to the unsuspecting consumers. Window Display assists in:

  • Educating the customers about the product/service in an effective and creative manner.
  • Setting up an innovative medium to present merchandise in 3D environment, which has extended impact and recall value.
  • Creating an exclusive positioning to the retailer
  • Synergizing the business and marketing strategies of the retailer, keeping the product in prime focus.
  • Merging the creative, technical and operational aspects of a product and the retailer.


  • Keep it simple- One of the most important things to consider when designing a display is simplicity. An uncluttered, sleek display looks more professional than a table or window piled up with random items. Don’t try to put every thing at once.
  • Keep it clean- Part of a successful window display is keeping the creation neat and clean.
  • Change displays frequently– Change the window display regularly with the new thoughts and products range to give a spanking new appearance to the store. A few popular ideas for display merchandising are- Seasonal themes, Color themes, holiday themes or show case the latest and greatest items the store is carrying right in the window.
  • Bright lighting- is crucial both during the day and night. Use colored spotlights to draw attention to the most unique items.
  • Repetition- Use repetition of shapes and colours to attract attention.
  • Use of Colours- Use light bright colours. Make the window display using as bright and vibrant colours as possible.
  • Less is more- Cluster items in groups of three or five. Odd numbers are most pleasing to eyes. Leave enough space between the groups of items.
  • Vary height and depth of items- to carry the eye throughout the display. A pyramid or triangle is a pleasing shape. This is especially important when all of the things being used in the display are the same size. Using different heights creates visual interest and keeps a person's eyes moving around the display.
  • A display needs a focal point.
  • Displays need unity- Continue the theme of the window display with other displays inside the store. Selecting a single theme for all the store windows and some interior display spaces can create a cohesive and inviting appearance.
  • Convert passers by into customers- On an average a shop window display has just 3 seconds to convert passers by into customers. If one manages to achieve this, then the possibility of making a sale is much higher.

Purpose and Objectives of the competition:

  • Gives creative teams from all over India the chance to showcase their talents
  • An opportunity for individual, retailers or students to be the “ best among the best”
  • A chance to experiment with creativity and innovation.
  • To create a stunning, unique window display on a small budget.

Entry requirements:

  • The competition is open to both VM professionals and students that give creative teams from all over India the chance to showcase their talents and be crowned national champions.
  • “Jharokha: Glimpses of visuals” promotes and develops the quality of VM and window-dressing skills across the retail industry and above all gives the opportunity of being the best among the best.
  • Students from design, fashion, art and management institutes can group up in teams of maximum 4 members.
    Young Retail and Design Professionals in any category, can group up in teams of maximum 4 members.
  • Theme: “Go- Green”

Stage 1:Entries from competitors:

  • The entries have to be sent through the institute/ organization only.
  • Entry is free of Cost.
  • Entries should consist of the Duly filled entry form. Entry form can be downloaded from A printed proposal (500 to 1000 words) based on a set theme, which should have:
    • Interpretation of the theme
    • Your research work for the concept, product (merchandise) and consumers/ target market.
    • A3 size Colored hard copy of Mood Board depicting your theme
    • A technical drawing of the window in A3 size. Rules for which are:
      • All designs must be ORIGINAL work.
      • Demonstrate planning and dimensional consideration through technical drawing of the window( can be manual or computerized).
      • It should be scaled drawing of the merchandise , props and other materials.
      • Basic costing of the display should not exceed Rs. 2000/-.
  • Window Specifications:
    • 8 ft. X 8ft. X 8ft (Designs must be contained within this perimeter, i.e. cannot go beyond or attach materials past the specified areas.)
    • Only back wall will be provided; Sides are bare.
    • Grid on top.
    • Two adjustable spotlights at the front of the grid ceiling.
    • Electrical socket.
  • Please consider all practical implementations in time restriction of 3 hours while creating your proposal.
  • All entries with the heading” VM Competition- Window Display” must be posted in Hard Copy (printed form) latest by 30th September, 2011.

Stage 2: Further Short listing

  • An eminent panel of jury members would short list final 9 best entries that would be intimated by mail.

Stage 3: Window Display

  • Short listed teams will be invited to set up their display in FDDI grounds, where they will be judged by industry experts and designers.
Date of final display is 18th November 2011. Each team will be given a time limit of 3 hours, although preparation is allowed prior to installation.
1st Platinum Prize : Rs 10,000/-
2nd Diamond Prize : Rs 7, 000/-
3rd Gold Prize : Rs 5,000/-
  • Cheque will be issued in the name of the institute/ organization only.
  • Final 9 best entries will get certificate of participation.
  • Each team must submit the requirements for the first stage by 30th September 2011. All work must be clearly marked with the names of the participants and the contact details. Please pack the entries carefully so they arrive in perfect condition for judging.
  • Mannequins will not be provided by FDDI. If required, participants can make their own arrangements.
  • All participants have to bare the cost of travel, accommodation and props on their own. FDDI will not be liable for any payments.
  • Submitted designs must be solely produced by the members in the team.
  • The names of the participants in a group will remain finalized. No request for changing the member names shall be entertained after the submission in Stage I.
  • Presence of all the members is mandatory at the time of the display.
  • Any additional drawings or materials apart from those specified will not be eligible for judging and may lead to disqualification of the team.
NOTE: All entries with the heading” VM Competition- Window Display” must be posted in Hard Copy to the following address:


Chief Consultant (Retail)
Footwear Design & Development Institute ( FDDI)

(Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India),
A10/ A, Sector 24, Gautam Budh Nagar,



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