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Webinar under the ‘Convergence of Institutes’ on the topic ‘How Technology Influences Fashion & Design Industry’ held at FDDI, Noida campus

Under the Convergence of Institutes, an insightful webinar was held at FDDI, Noida. The five institutes are FDDI, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), National Institute of Design (NID) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

The convergence of the five institutes under the Ministry of Textiles and Commerce and Industry was initiated in the month of November 2022. The collaboration between these five institutes has the ability to build a more dynamic and integrated national design and business education ecosystem that benefits students, industries, and society.

In tandem with this, FDDI has taken the lead in hosting the first webinar on 23rd August 2023 on the topic ‘How Technology Influences Fashion & Design Industry’.


Mr. Vivek Pujari was the resource person of the webinar who is founder of learning 3D Design Institute.

During the webinar, Mr. Vivek provided valuable insights into the dynamic relationship between technology and the fashion and design industry and elucidated on Digital Design Tools and Virtual Prototyping, E-Commerce and Virtual Try-Ons, Sustainability and Smart Textiles and Data Analytics and Consumer Insights.

The discussion covered topics ranging from design and manufacturing to retail and sustainability, highlighting the potential for innovation and positive change. The insights shared during the webinar underline the necessity for industry professionals to embrace technological advancements to remain competitive and responsive to evolving consumer demands.

The webinar was attended by faculty members of the five institutes.