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Webinar ‘Inspiriting Impressions’ organized by FDDI, Chennai campus

A webinar having five sessions under the head ‘Inspiriting Impressions’ was organized by Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Chennai campus on 11th July, 2021.

Using electronic and digital platform, the webinar was organized during which the alumni of FDDI, Chennai campus addressed the challenges and innovations shaping the footwear & fashion landscape.

The alumni made presentations on five different topics. They shared their knowledge and expertise from being student to a professional for career development.


During the webinar, the alumni also emphasized on career development connection, how to overcome fear during career transition then to switch gears in one’s career and become an entrepreneur.

The participants of the webinar acquired substantial exposure and knowledge regarding various insights and job profile and set themselves up for career success.


The webinar was attended by approximately 100 participants including students, faculty members and staff members across 12 campuses of FDDI and from other institutions and industry persons. The event was watched by many on Facebook Live on ‘FDDI Chennai’ Facebook page.

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