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Kick Start Fitness

'Kick Start Fitness' an initiative by the retail interface team filled with great enthusiasm, high energy and everlasting vigour. The fitness session was lead by Mr. Binod Bhadri founder of BMilitary and his team on 29th March 2019. The session was designed in a way keeping physical and mental well-being in mind. BMilitary had a strong emphasis on the development of strong connection between the students as teams and encouraging them to work as one. Coexistence, camaraderie, solidarity and stability were the main essence of the session.

The session was extremely fun and energizing which involved various fitness activities like boot camps, ice breaking and military drills and games. The zeal of the entire retail department was at great heights that resulted in maximum participation from all the batches and gave everybody an opportunity to connect well with each other.

Kick Start Fitness was an absolutely delightful experience for all the students and faculty members that took everyone back in time and brought smiles of old memories on to everyone's face. The collective efforts of the team and students lead to a colossal success of the show which made BMilitary's camp one of the most talked about and anticipated events in the future by the entire retail department.

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