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Webinar on ‘Processing of Non-Leather Materials’ held at FDDI, NOIDA campus

A webinar on ‘Processing of Non-Leather Materials’ was held on 08th September 2021 at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), NOIDA campus.

Using the digital communication to tap into the power of communicating effectively with most valuable audiences with a single masterstroke, the webinar provided insights on the significant development taking place in the area of non-leather materials due to its versatility and new tools & techniques having the potential of achieving cost savings.

The webinar was organized by FDDI School of Leather Goods & Accessories Design (FSLGAD) during which Mr. Navneet Garg, Director at JASCH Industries was the resource person.

JASCH Industries is the pioneer in the field of manufacturing PU& PVC-coated fabrics, PU resin, and radiation-based Nucleonic gauges.


During the webinar, Mr. Navneet, through a presentation briefed the manufacturing process and explained that globally, the non-leather products sector has been growing at a faster and healthier rate than two decades before with more emphasis on the comfort, recycling, rapid reach, mass customization as core driving principles.


The webinar was attended by faculty and students of different centers of FSLGAD.

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