Achievements - Milestone

1 Awards

FDDI has been awarded ISO 9001 in 1995 by BVQI, ISO 14001 in 1999 and ISO 17025 for laboratories in the year 2002.

2 Placement

Since inception, FDDI has been making 100% placement of students who have undergone long-term courses in FDDI.

3 Training of Foreign Scholars
  • FDDI provided special training for Reebok staff in the year 1996.
  • Sri Lankan students were trained for one year in Footwear Technology at Colombo in collaboration with IDB, Sri Lanka. The successful students were awarded FDDI diploma in the year 2000
  • FDDI conducted one year intensive course for Philippine scholars in the year 2001.
  • The students from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh are attending regular courses at FDDI.
4 Design / Development

FDDI has designed & developed Bamboo Footwear for Handicrafts Commissioner

5 Consultancy

FDDI has provided consultancy for development of quality systems and environment systems for various clusters for handicrafts for award of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

FDDI has successfully completed the LIDCAP assignment for setting up of Common Facility Center at Hyderabad.

6 Approval of Testing Center

The laboratory services have been approved by WALMART, USA, HUDSON Bay, Canada, GE Motors, India, Defence, Railways, DGS&D, BIS etc.

7 Common Facility Center

FDDI has set up a Common Facility Center to help & encourage Small Scale Industries units, cottage industries by providing capital intensive sophisticated footwear machines on a nominal rent. The facilities equipped with cutting, closing, component making, lasting – flat lasting, force lasting, direct vulcanized moulding, direct injection moulding, EVA Injection moulding, PU/TPU injection moulding, Goodyear welted plant etc. The center has facility of power supply backup, compressed air and water supply.

8 Revival and Upgradation of Traditional Footwear in Leh

FDDI has initiated a baseline survey of artisans making traditional footwear in Leh. The product is known as “Papu Shoe” and is being made from local material and its special characteristic is that it can withstand extremely low temperature. The survey is likely to be completed by December 2004 and thereafter appropriate interventions for upgrading its quality etc. will be undertaken with the assistance under ILDP.

9 Focus on Sports Shoe Technology

The Indian Footwear Industry currently produces about 850 million – shoes pairs per annum in leather and non-leather segments. Exports from India are projected to cross the US$1000 million mark shortly in total estimated market size of India being US$6 billion.

FDDI has set up of the Sports Shoe technology center in the FDDI complex with the following objectives :

  • The technical inputs to the trainees have to be continuously updated.
  • The future technological trends & its exposure to the trainees in related field.
  • Scope of research & development activities.
10 Ethnic Footwear

FDDI is promoting Society for Marketing of Artisans & Rural Things (SMART). Punjabi Jooti has been taken up along with Mojari of Rajasthan for skill up-gradation of artisans. In addition to skill up-gradation, assistance for international marketing is being provided.

11 Strengthening of FDDI Sub Centres

The facility spectrum has been upgraded to enable the sub-centers to play a larger role in the whole developmental process of the industry. Under these projects CAD/CAM facility has been provided in Chennai, Mumbai & production facility has been provided at Bangalore Centre.

12 Artisan Skill Development

FDDI provided consultancy to KVIC for setting up of Common Facility Center for upgradation skill of artisans at various places including, Ambala, Kalyani.

Artisans Skill Development Programmes have been undertaken at Saharanpur & Hazaribagh, after setting up of Common Facility Centers at both places.

Further, skill upgradation has been undertaken at Saharanpur, Jaipur, Alwar etc. under HRD Mission.

13 Research & Development
  • Developed special footwear for leprosy patients on request of Leprosy Mission, New Delhi.
  • Specifications and samples were developed for occupational shoes used by police personnel all over India. Specifications and samples were supplied to Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D). As per the direction of BPR&D, police departments of different States including Delhi Police, Punjab Police, Andhra Police, Maharashtra Police etc. are using the footwear as per the specification and samples developed by FDDI.
  • Specifications and samples are also developed for MTNL staff on request of MTNL Mumbai. MTNL Mumbai has been providing the footwear as per FDDI designs from last four years.
  • FDDI has developed flying boots of latest technology for Air Force Officers. The design and patterns and prototypes were supplied to Airforce in the year 1999. Since then, Airforce is procuring as per the FDDI design and all flying officers are using most comfortable footwear.
  • FDDI has developed boots CFF for paratroopers for Defence Biod-Engineering and Electromedical Laboratory (DEBEL) Bangalore.
  • FDDI has developed casual walking footwear (Janata type low cost footwear) for Tandupatta collectors for Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Co-op Fed. Ltd., Raipur, Chhattisgarh. About 1250000 pairs have been procured till date and Tendupatta collectors are happily using the walking footwear.
  • FDDI has developed school shoes for Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools.


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