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Webinars on ‘Branding through Social Media’ & ‘Creative Thinking’ held at FDDI, NOIDA campus

Two webinars were held at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), NOIDA campus on 20th & 21st August, 2021.

The webinars which were held using digital communication for having face to face conversations with the participants were organized by the FDDI School of Fashion Design (FSFD).


During the webinar on ‘Branding through Social Media’ Mr. Tunir Chatterjee shared his valuable experience and knowledge about branding. He described how social media have started to play a major role and explained that how different social media platforms give a huge opportunity to brand ones product. From last two years, many designers have started to use these platforms as a great way of branding. He briefed about parts of branding, plan of action, role of ludo colours and three approaches for branding.

Mr. Tunir Chatterjee had worked with eminent designers like Ritu Kumar and Payal Sanghvi (Verve).


During the webinar on ‘Creative Thinking’ Prof. Gaurav Sharma explained the participants to come up with new solutions to problems using abilities and soft skills by looking at things differently, and finding new ways of solving problems.

Prof. Gaurav Sharma is a NIFT Design graduate with a specialization in Accessory Design with an MBA in Design Management with 17 years of rich experience in Practicing Design, Research and Development, Crafts, and Design /Skill Education.

The webinars were attended by around 90 participants comprising of the students and faculties.

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