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School of Fashion Design Noida presents a Webinar on Creative Thinking

Prof. Gaurav Sharma, HOD, Design Department, Sharda University, is a NIFT Design graduate with a specialization in Accessory Design with an MBA in Design Management with 17 years of rich experience in Practicing Design, Research and Development, Crafts, and Design / Skill Education.

Webinar is about Creative thinking which is an invaluable skill. It's important because it helps to look at problems and situations from a new perspective. Creating thinking is a way to develop novel or unorthodox solutions and ideas to different problems and situations.

Objectives of webinar:

★ To be able to enhance creative consciousness and learn creative attitudes.
★ To be able to improve students' ability to think laterally.
★ To be able to strengthen creative abilities.
★ To be able to understand and apply creative thinking techniques.


Organizer & Host:
Ms. Indu Gupta
Sr. Faculty, School of Fashion Design, Noida

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