Workshop On Management Of Lifestyle Disorders

The workshop is designed to address the general but most common concerns of the professionals - Lifestyle disorders.  Irregular lifestyle patterns leads to various disorders like malnutrition, drug addiction, and mental stress causing imbalance. Improper lifestyle is the root cause for several diseases like blood pressure, artery blockage, osteo arthritis, thyroid hormone, disorder, hair fall, under or over weight, dizziness, irritations, depressions, premature ageing and many more.
The objective of the workshop is to spread awareness for maintaining
healthy lifestyle. Detailed descriptions and advice from medical experts will be helpful to overcome the said issue.
Subsequent session will also deal with other vital issues like First Aid and Yoga.

The workshop is segregated into two sessions -

Session 1: Preventing Addictions & Lifestyle Management by Dr. Sumit Dubey who is Bachelor in Preventive medicines from National Health Institute, North California, USA. He has his fellowship in National Nutrition Program and in Management of Lifestyle Disorders for NIN, Hyderabad. Currently, he is working at the capacity of Sr. Consultant and Head at Lucknow Metrocity Hospital and Trauma Centre, Lucknow.

Session 2: (a) First Aid by Dr. Rajiv Singh who is BHMS (Gold Medalist), a veteran practitioner of Homeopathy medicines. He is also associated with the famous NGO - Arogya Bharti. His specialization is in alternative medicines. He shall elaborate the procedures of first aid and its nittygrity.

(b) Life with Yoga by Dr. Ravi Pratap Singh who is BAMS, PGDYN, and Director of Vedanta Arogyam, Raebareli. He is a veteran practitioner of Ayurveda medicines and Naturopathy. He is also associated with Patanjali Yog Peeth, Haridwar as a Yoga specialist.