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We had a very entertaining and full of enthusiasm programme at FDDI Chhindwara on the eve of 14TH OCTOBER 2012 - FRESHERS PARTY. The day was marked as a memorable day in the life of every fresher at FDDI Chhindwara.


The party was organized with the view to bring the senior students and new comers together on a platform where they can share their ideas and experience and specially to encourage the freshers with a big welcome.

The members of the Cultural Committee - Mr. Pradeep Shukla, Ms. Meenakshi, Ms. Harshita and Mr. Ramen Halder gave their best effort to make this programme successful. The arrangements done in a very short period of time which was very crucial. Specially to arrange the stage, banners and certificates which were to be distributed was very challenging. Students looked very excited and they give all their support to make this evening rocking. Participants got very short time to prepare for their performances but their enthusiasm was at its peak.

The party started with a tremendous welcome by Arpit and Twinkle Mourya. They made everyone laugh with their jokes and shayaris.

Then came the most awaited ramp walk for the contestants of the Mr. and Ms. Fresher 2012. All the participants were well dressed in traditional and western styles and walked the ramp. Students also participated in dancing, singing, mimicry etc. and filled the programme with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter and happiness.


All the participants were eagerly waiting to know the results of Mr. and Ms. fresher, the judgment was based on the dressing style of the participant, the ramp walk and the overall performance. The results were finally declared at the end of the programme and the title for the Mr. Fresher 2012 had gone to Rajendra Mandrah and Ms. Fresher 2012 had gone to Zaheen Jafri.


The certificates were also being submitted to the winners of Hindi Pakhwara competition held on the 11th of October, 2012. Mr. Brijesh Kaurav - HOD FT, Mr. Sumit Fernandez- Senior Faculty and Mr. Pradeep Shukla- Cultural Committee Head acknowledged the effort put in by the students of the college and gave away the titles to the winners.


The winners of Hindi Pakhwara were :

Aastha Dubey - 1st Prize - Nibandh Pratiyogita

Rachana Urkede - 2nd Prize - Nibandh Pratiyogita

Sankalp Jaunjhar - 3rd Prize - Nibandh Pratiyogita


Sankalp Jaunjhar - 1st Prize - Tatkalik Bhashan

Dinesh Pandey - 2nd Prize - Tatkalik Bhashan

Roshan Supatkar - 3rd Prize - Tatkalik Bhashan


Ayush Sahu - 1st Prize - Vaad Vivad (Paksh)

Aakash Bhade - 2ND Prize - Vaad Vivad (Vipaksh)


Sankalp Jaunjhar - 1st Prize - Chitrakala

Vikas Pahade - 2nd Prize - Chitrakala

Nitin Gupta - 3rd Prize - Chitrakala


Vinayak Suryavanshi, - 1st Prize - Hindi Prashnottari
Abhishek Shukla,
Yogendra Soni (in group)


The excitement augmented to a joyful high when the teachers themselves joined the festivities with students on the dance floor. And as the mercury began to rise, the dance floor was left open for some unbridled exuberance. Colors of joy, happiness, togetherness could be seen in students as well as faculty members.



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