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Workshop on 'Mental Health & Stress Management' held at FDDI, NOIDA

An interactive workshop on ‘Mental Health & Stress Management’ was organized by HR-HQ, NOIDA at the Seminar Hall of Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), NOIDA campus on 28th July 2020.

The session was conducted under ‘Nectar Factor’ special training programmes by Mr. Beni Kinha – Entrepreneur and Life Skill Coach possessing expertise to conduct such programmes in Government Departments, Public Sector Organization and Private Companies.

Mr. Beni Kinha is possessing 27 years of experience in corporate environment that helped him to develop series of ‘Nectar Factor’ for corporate and institutions keeping in mind of today’s requirement as well mental health.


Delivering the ‘Welcome Address’, Mr. Anil Kumar, Advisor – HR, FDDI said “Occupational stress is becoming a major issue in the contemporary environment and staying positive and maintain good mental health is the need of hour for maintaining a balance between personal and professional life and to stay calm under pressure.”


Mr. Beni Kinha provided information about-What is stress? Sign of stress, effects of stress and how to cope up/deal with it significantly, logically, practically and its permanent solutions.

During the session, Mr. Beni Kinha covered a wide spectrum of topics consisting of self-awareness, about the stress triggers and ways to find out how to reduce the stress whilst one works, about the correct diet apart from relaxation techniques to enhance one’s productivity.


He also stressed on the work-life balance to be adopted by the employees. He said that humour is a good way to handle the day-to-day crisis. He suggested watching of movies which can make you laugh and reading of books if you are an avid reader. He advised all the participants to play games, morning walk yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

The faculty & staff learnt about the physical and psychological impacts of the stress and how to recognize one’s personal stress signals. The participants also discussed about their issues/problems being faced by them at home as wells as at work place which leads to stress/tension in their life.

The session was attended by around fifty employee of the Institute who participated with full zeal.

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