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Insightful industry interaction on ‘Digitally Printed Leather Accessories’ held at FDDI, Noida campus

An insightful industry interaction on ‘Digitally Printed Leather Accessories’ was held at FDDI, Noida campus on 24th August 2023. It was organized by the School of Leather Goods and Accessories Design (LGAD) to help the students to acquire the techniques that are used to print on leather.

Mr. Vinod Iyer, Director of Fortuna Colors & Prints LLP (FCP) and Ms. Pooja Chopra, Founder of Flora were the ‘Key Speaker’.

They briefed about the transformative impact of digital printing on leather accessory design and explained about Digital Printing. They also explained about the techniques to print colourful designs, text or logos directly onto leather, artificial leather materials like leather, leatherette and sustainable materials.


They also briefed about sustainability in product development, market trends & forecast and career opportunities available in Digitally Printed Leather Accessories segment.

Students gained an understanding of how this technology allows for intricate and customizable designs, opening up new avenues for creativity.