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Workshop conducted at FDDI’s CoE Chennai for NITTE School of Fashion Technology & Interior Design, Bangalore

A day long workshop on ‘Footwear Prototyping and Basics of 3D Printing’ was conducted at the Centre of Excellence (CoE) at FDDI Chennai campus for the students and staff members of NITTE School of Fashion Technology & Interior Design, Bangalore.

This CoE has been established on the thematic area ‘Center for Design, Development & Fabric Interface’ and has been operationalized on 23rd May 2023.

A total of 60 final year students of Fashion Design and 5 staff members attended the workshop on 11th July 2023 wherein they had the opportunity to visit the CoE established in the premise of FDDI Chennai campus.

The workshop was meticulously designed wherein the participants were given basic awareness about the footwear designing, prototyping and demonstration about the basic working mechanism and operation of 3D printer and other designing tools and equipment's installed in CoE building was given.

Through this experiential learning opportunity, the students were able to explore the innovative world of 3D printing and gain insights into the intricate process of creating leather products.


By engaging in this workshop, the students from NITTE School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design were able to enhance their understanding of these technologies while also honing their practical skills.

By exposing students to real-world applications, they are better equipped to navigate challenges and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields upon graduation.


There was an interactive session which proved to be an excellent opportunity for the participants to get their doubts clear.

Such initiatives play a vital role in preparing aspiring fashion and interior designers for the dynamic industry they will soon enter.