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Research paper of Faculty of FDDI, Chhindwara campus gets published in UGC Care Group I Journal

A research paper of Mrs. Shashwati Bhowmick, Sr. Faculty, Grade II-RFM of FDDI Chhindwara campus has been published in UGC Care Group I Journal (Humanities and Social Science Studies Journal, ISSN: 2319-829X).

The title of the research paper is ‘Emerging Trends in Digital Payments and its Impact on the Growth of Organized Retail Industry’.

The research paper elaborates the significance of digital payments in terms of the paradigm shift from cash to cashless transactions in organized retail industry. It also discusses the role of Fintech (financial technology) companies in revolutionizing the digital payments.

Mrs. Shashwati Bhowmick also received the ‘Best Research Paper Presentation’ Certificate for presenting her research paper during the International E-Conference on ‘Research Innovation & Development’, organized by Kala’s Research & Skill Training Organization and Hi Learn Edutech Institute, Vijyapur, Karnataka.