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Educational visit for FDDI, Hyderabad students at ‘Weaver's Service Center’, Hyderabad

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the design resource center, as well as the intricate processes of dyeing, printing, and weaving in the context of textile production, the students of B.Des. Fashion Design, 2022 batch of FDDI, Hyderabad campus under the educational trip visited ‘Weavers Service Center’ under the Ministry of Textiles located at Hyderabad on 23rd August 2023.

During the visit at design resource center which houses an extensive collection of patterns, motifs, and color palettes, providing a wellspring of creativity, the students were exposed to an impressive array of traditional and contemporary designs that served as invaluable sources of inspiration.


Under the supervision of the faculty of FDDI, while visiting and observing the intricate processes of dyeing, printing, and weaving, the center's experts guided the students about the meticulous process of preparing dyes, applying them to fabrics, and achieving a diverse range of hues. This helped the students to gain an appreciation for the chemistry and artistry involved in obtaining the perfect shades, and how even slight variations in the dyeing process can yield distinct outcomes.

They witnessed the transformation of plain fabrics into vibrant canvases through various printing techniques which was truly captivating. From block printing to screen printing, students learned how each method demands precision and creativity to transfer designs accurately and produce textiles that are both aesthetically pleasing and culturally significant. They also saw skilled artisans operating traditional handlooms and mechanized weaving machines.