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Article written by Faculty FDDI, Fursatganj gets published in ‘Shuttles & Needles’

For acquiring new capabilities, developing skills and producing an intelligent human resource pool, Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), as an Institution of National Importance (INI), encourages students, faculty and staff to participate in conferences, attending training programmes, writing technical articles and authoring of books.

In line with this, a technical article written by Ms. Richa Arora, Faculty - Fashion Design (FD) of FDDI, Fursatganj has been published in the monthly newsletter ‘Shuttles & Needles’ of Shuttle and Needles Studio, Chennai.

Her article ‘An engagement with the Art of Weaving’ was published in the July 2020 issue of the newsletter.

Ms. Richa has done Masters in Fashion and has extensive experience in academics and industry. She has interest in tapestry and surface ornamentation, to come up with new innovations playing with colours and yarns.


Briefing about this technical article, Ms. Richa said “I always got fascinated by the woven pieces that had beautiful texture created by using variety of yarns, popping colours and wanted to create one. This gave me an opportunity to work on weaving project which came in handy because of the ‘Weaving Frame’ brought in by our head of the department. I have always been keen to explore different weaving patterns on loom and got mesmerized whenever I viewed anything woven. It seems to be a form of art which increases your fondness that interlaces with the yarns creating a bond between the weaver and the woven. It can work as a therapy and a great engager for someone who has a flair for creativity.”


The article is available on the link .

The lockdown could not have been anticipated. But, in retrospect, this crisis has given us an opportunity to usher in a new era of learning. Bound to stay indoors during the lockdown, has provided the millennials with ample of time to explore and accomplish.

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