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Faculty from School of Footwear Design, FDDI receives ‘Best International Researcher Award 2024’

Mr. Prashant Kumar Saxena, Faculty at the School of Footwear Design & Production (FDP), FDDI, Chhindwara campus has been honored with the prestigious ‘Best International Researcher Award 2024’ by the Asia Research Awards 2024.

This esteemed accolade was conferred upon Mr. Prashant during the International Congress for Research Excellence (ICRE 2024), a globally acclaimed event held in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, on 16th March 2024 during which eminent personalities and Chief Guests from various countries including Turkey, Japan, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Angola, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh were present.

The Asia International Research Awards, accredited by renowned institutions including the American Chamber of Research and the International Journal for Science, Technology, and Academic Research, the United Medical Council, and the World Research Council, as well as prominent publications such as Times of Research and Chronical Times, celebrates excellence in the innovative field of footwear technologies.

Mr. Prashant remarkable achievements in footwear design and production have placed him among the first Indians to receive such international accolades with 17 international papers and 02 design patents as the selection for the category was based on the weightage of the quality metrics of the research work done in innovative fields.

Mr. Prashant captivated the audience with his presentation, shedding light on the ground breaking research conducted at FDDI. His presentation focused on the pioneering study titled ‘The Future of Footwear: Exploring the Transformative Potential’.

This research delves deep into the revolutionary impact of 3D printing technology on the footwear industry. His work explores the customization capabilities offered by 3D printing, enabling the creation of personalized footwear tailored to individual preferences and specifications. Such customization not only enhances comfort and performance but, also fosters avenues for personal expression and style as well as special need and medical support required in foot abnormalities.

During his presentation, he also emphasized and presented the FDDI Management vision “FDDI's commitment to research and development in footwear technology. He reiterated the institute's dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creativity through continuous exploration, experimentation, and collaboration”.

Amongst FDDI researcher in innovative category of Footwear Design, researchers from medical fields from AIIMS, University College of Medical Science, Delhi University in COVID detection for the Excellence in Medical Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information technology sectors and few more were awarded as Outstanding/Best Researchers under different categories from various organizations and countries across the Asia.