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Managing Director, FDDI invited for Chairing a Scientific Session during Joint International Conference organized by IIM, Mumbai

Dr. Madhusudan Pal, Director - CoE, FDDI delivers lecture during conference

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sinha, Managing Director (MD)-FDDI was invited to Chair a Scientific Session during the 4th Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design jointly with Humanizing Work and Work Environment (HWWE) & BRICSplus HFE Conference 2023 which was organized by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Mumbai, India from 14-16th December 2023.

MD-FDDI chaired the joint international conference on the topic ‘Human Centered Digitalization’.


During the same, Dr. Madhusudan Pal, Scientist -G & Director, Center of Excellence (CoE), FDDI delivered keynote lecture on the topic “Footwear Design and Development: Ergonomics / Biomechanics”.

The lecture focused upon the ergonomically designed product and role of environmental and human factors that shall be considered for designing of footwear which is the necessity in maintaining postural stability. He briefed about the influence of footwear on postural control and locomotion.

The joint conference provided a platform to the wide range of scholars, scientists, practitioners and other stakeholders to discuss, debate, deliberated and disseminate ergonomic standards and regulations to the rest of the world. It also emphasized to enhance collaboration and relationship among scholars and practitioners.