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Dr. Madhusudan Pal, Director - CoE, FDDI received prestigious ‘M.K Nambiar Memorial Oration Award 2023’

For outstanding contribution and unwavering dedication to the field of biomedical science, Dr. Madhusudan Pal, Scientist -G & Director, CoE, FDDI, received the prestigious ‘M.K Nambiar Memorial Oration Award 2023’ from ‘Indian Association of Biomedical Science’ during the 44th Annual Conference on 8th January 2024 at Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu img

Sharing the details, Mr. Pal said, “The synthesis of ergonomic principles with cutting-edge technological advancements demonstrates a promising avenue for creating more adaptive, efficient, and user-centric solutions in the rapidly evolving landscape of research and development. This abstract explores technological solutions within the realm of ergonomics, focusing on innovative approaches to enhance user well-being and productivity. The discussion encompasses how these solutions contribute to the optimization of workspaces, devices, and interfaces, ultimately fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and technology.”