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A session on ‘Art of Living Mind Matters’ held at FDDI, Noida

A session on ‘Art of Living Mind Matters’ was held at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Noida on May 4, 2018.


The session was conducted by Mr. Amit Kumar Gupta who is a Software professional and works with Adobe Systems in Noida and has a global exposure of working in US and Europe.

Mr. Amit is a Senior Art of Living faculty and Quality Council of India (QCI) certified Yoga Teacher. He has conducted programs for multinationals, institutions & NGOs. At a young age, Mr. Amit has touched the lives of more than 10000 people through various courses and programs. He has extensively worked in rural areas for education, cleanliness, conflict management and de-stress programs.

Mr. Adarsh Kumar, AFHQ CS, Executive Director, FDDI briefing about the need of ‘Art of Living Mind Matters’ session

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Adarsh Kumar, AFHQ CS, Executive Director, FDDI said “To maintain our inner peace in the contemporary  life, it is vital that mind is calm for which meditation is a must that releases stress.”

During the session, Mr. Amit said that “In this Jet age, the polluted environment, personal problems and work pressure take a toll on our mind and its patterns, and what remains is usually referred as stress.”

Mr. Amit Kumar Gupta suggesting practical techniques during the session on ‘Art of Living Mind Matters’

Mr. Amit suggested some practical techniques like meditation to lead a stress free life which helps a person to get positive thought pattern, gain confidence, improved behaviour, learn better communication and develop a healthy mind & physique. 

A view of the participants

The session covered a wide spectrum of topics consisting of self-awareness, attitudes & behaviour, effective communication skills, coping with stress and emotions, interpersonal relationship & people skills, time management & teamwork.

The session was attended by the staff members of the Institute who participated with full zeal.