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Seminar on ‘Adhesives’ held at FDDI Kolkata

A seminar on ‘Adhesives’ was held on 3rd September 2018 at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Kolkata.

The seminar was organised by Chandra’s Chemical Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.

The seminar was organized with an objective to update the knowledge of the students on adhesives which has made the process of shoe construction easier & is playing a vital role not only in the modern shoe industry, but, also in leather and non- leather products industries.

A view of the seminar

Chandra’s Chemical Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd., is a unit of P.C Chandra Group which is one of the emerging industrial groups of India. The company is a leading manufacturer of wide variety of Synthetic Adhesives based on Polychloroprene, PU, EVA, Epoxy, lamination and other elastomers, hardner & primer for different materials. These products are mainly used in footwear & leather products industries.

The experts from Chandra’s Chemical Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd., namely Mr. Amit Dasgupta, Vice President, Technical & Export, Mr. Suman Basu, Head, Sales & Marketing, Mr. Sandeep Sil, Application Expert & others made presentation which was followed by an interactive session and a Quiz competition.

During the seminar, the experts explained the classification of adhesive according to its origin, the principles of adhesion, principal adhesives used in the footwear industry, their technical aspects, safety precaution, sales promotion & others.

During the Quiz competition, the experts honoured the students with gift like Pouches, Hot Pot & T. Shirts.  


FDDI convenes interactive sessions on regular basis with the doyens of business and industry as well as eminent scholars on contemporary issues/topics on regular basis which helps the students in keeping themselves updated about the changes taking place in the industry.

The seminar was a great success as all the students & staff of FDDI attended the seminar.