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Visual Merchandising Display event in FDDI, Kolkata.

A Visual Merchandising (VM) display was organised by the students of Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Kolkata, on 27th of November 2017.

During the event, the students of FDDI School of Footwear Design & Production (FSFDP) made window for retail outlets on three different themes namely ‘Hunter’, ‘FIFA World Cup 2018’ and ‘Women Empowerment’. 

A view of the display

Theme ‘Hunter’ was named BRONCO FASAD by the group members which showed ruff & tuff display with a hunter and his equipment’s. Theme ‘FIFA World Cup 2018’ display was on upcoming FIFA football world cup which is celebrated worldwide as a festival more than a tournament which included soccer stars & their accessories. Theme ‘Women Empowerment’ was about women power and their roles in their society that highlighted of women rights and to eliminate gender inequality.

The students experimented with creativity and innovation and created stunning, unique window display depicting the above mentioned themes.

Eminent industrialists Mr. Gaurav Bajaj, M.D R.M Internationals and other guests were present to facilitate the program.