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Technical seminar on the ‘Importance of Threads-Used in Footwear & Allied Industry’ held at FDDI, Fursatganj

A technical seminar on the ‘Importance of Threads-Used in Footwear & Allied Industry’ was held at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Fursatganj on 24th October 2018 at its auditorium.

The technical seminar was organized to equip the students with the technical knowledge of sewing threads which plays a vital role in improving the shop-floor productivity and the product quality especially in footwear & allied industry.

FDDI School of Footwear Design and Production organized this technical seminar during which Mr. Prakash. R - Sewing & Technical Advisor of AMANN Group and his colleague shared their experience & expertise with the students and staffs of the campus.

For more than 150 years, AMANN has been one of the global leaders in the field of high-quality sewing and embroidery threads.

During the seminar, the experts delivered the facts behind the threads manufacturing techniques with the assistance of videos and live demo to the students and also explained various types of threads, needles and their usages in footwear, apparel to leather goods & accessories.

They briefed about manmade and synthetic threads and about the raw materials used in manufacturing different kind of threads.  They also discussed the recent developments in threads like water proof, illuminative, Kevlar, electric conductive threads etc. Troubleshooting tips was also provided by the experts on sewing problems which arises due to failure of threads like top & bottom tension, seam breaking etc.

It is important to select threads according to their purpose. The way the thread is used may be functional or decorative, but in either case using the right thread is important to the end results.