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‘Fire Mock & Evacuation Drill’ organized at FDDI, Patna

A ‘Fire Mock & Evacuation Drill’ was organized at the Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Patna campus on 16th October, 2018.

It was organized with an objective to protect the life & property of FDDI, employees/students/visitors etc., from fire and other emergencies.

Mr. Ravi Kumar Sinha from M/s. Aarav Enterprises conducted the drill & explained about the preparedness plan.

Mr. Sinha said that, in the case of fire, many lives are lost mainly due to the fact that people do not know what to do and where to go. Hence, it is vital that everyone should aware of what to do and where to go in such case.

 Mr. Sinha imparted critical inputs of do’s & don’ts in the case of fire with reference to building as well as vehicles. He also explained about the types of fire and the role of ‘Emergency Response Team’ (ERT) and said that “the roles and responsibilities of every officer involved in the ERT must be clear.”

 Mr. Sharma emphasized that the sound of the alarm system must reach to all the buildings of the campus. He further said that the ERT must ensure that all exit routes, emergency staircases are not obstructed and can be used in an orderly manner during emergencies.

All the staff and available students/visitors etc. of the institute participated in the drill with great enthusiasm.

The ‘Fire & Mock Evacuation Drill’ was organized in compliance with current fire safety legislation and good working practice so that the organization is equipped for emergencies.