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International Conference on ‘World Economy by 2030’ held at FDDI, Rohtak

 An International Conference on ‘World Economy by 2030’ was held at Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Rohtak on 27th and 28th November, 2018.

The two days conference was organized by School of Business Studies, Shobhit University, Meerut and University of Pula, Croatia & University of Zagreb, Croatia.

The main focus of the conference was on the future growth potential of world economy based on industry, service and agriculture.

The conference was a union of nearly 200 people from University of Pula, Croatia, University of Zagreb, Croatia and School of Business Studies, Shobhit University, including Prof. (Dr.) A.P. Garg -- Vice Chancellor, Dr. Poonam Devdatt – Director, School of Business Studies, Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh – Registrar, Mr. Ashok Gupta Dean Shobhit University, Meerut, Prof. Soumitra Sharma, Kristina Afric Rakitovac, Ines Kersan Skabic from University of  Pula, Croatia, Nika Simurina, Ivo Druzic from University of Zagreb, Croatia and other staff members of their University. 

During this conference an empirical research paper titled ‘A Study on Digitization in the Field of Footwear Retailing’ was presented by Mr. Kamal Singh, Sr. Faculty, Footwear Department, FDDI, Rohtak.

The research paper was based on the impact & significance of digitization on footwear retailing and how the infusion of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (A.I), augmented retailing. It also elucidates how virtual retailing has changed the commercialization aspects not only of footwear retailers, but also, of footwear manufacturers and footwear consumers.

During the conference, a total of 25 research papers were presented & printed in the Abstract Book having ISSN: 0973-449X.

The conference concluded with the ‘Vote of Thanks’ and award distribution ceremony.