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FDDI, Fursatganj staff participates in ‘Yoga S?tras of Patañjali’

The staff of Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Fursatganj participated in the ‘Yoga S?tras of Patañjali’ which was held from 01st to 07th January 2019.

At the institute premises, all the staff participated with full enthusiasm along with Yoga Instructor, Ms. Kusum Kharkwal from Patanjali Yog Peeth.

Ms. Kharkwal addressed the participants and said “One should practice Yoga as it releases stress and revives concentration & enthusiasm in their day to day life.”

 Yoga works on the level of one's body, mind, emotion, energy and empowers themselves to tackle academic, professional, economic, personal and social challenges of life judiciously with a smile.

The valuable tips provided during the camp will go a long way & help in self-discipline, self-control, leading to immense amount of awareness, concentration and higher level of consciousness.                                                                                          

This initiative by FDDI is a giant leap in trying to inculcate techniques to handle oneself well in all life situations and for gaining good health in everyday life.