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FDDI’s representation during 4th CORE Professional Meet at NIFT, Bengaluru

The 4th CORE Professional Meet held at NIFT, Bengaluru on February 16, 2024, brought together alumni from the top five Institutes of the Convergence Group namely, FDDI, NID, IIFT, IIP and NIFT.

This event was a pivotal component of a visionary initiative launched by the Hon'ble Minister of Commerce & Industry, Textile, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Mr. Piyush Goyal, aimed at fostering a robust Industry-Academic interface.


The Chief Guest for the occasion was Ms. Tanu Kashyap, IAS, Director General (DG), Ministry of Textile, NIFT. Other dignitaries representing top leading PUNCH (5 Institutes) were Prof. Dr. Niti Chatnani- IIFT, Prof. Dr. Nilay, Deputy Director, IIP, Mr. Prashant Kumar Saxena, Head – FDP, FDDI, Prof. Vibha Kumar - NIFT and Professor Jonalee Bajpai - Head Industry & Alumni Affairs, NIFT.


Mr. Prashant, representing FDDI, presented an insightful overview of the core values and strengths of FDDI. He emphasized FDDI's Pan-India presence, spanning from North to South India, and highlighted the institution's world-class infrastructure for Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and Research Centers. He also underlined the visionary approach of the Managing Director FDDI in connecting alumni directly through initiatives as such holding regular events and meets like INI, Talk Shows & Founders Day, emphasizing the importance of fostering lasting connections.

Comprehensive overviews of the other four institutions, NID, IIFT, NIFT, and IIP, were also provided by their respective representatives during the discussions. The collective strengths and unique attributes of each institute were showcased, creating a holistic picture of the diverse talents and capabilities within the Convergence Group.

The convergence idea was eloquently presented by Prof. Jonalee, setting the stage for an open house discussion. This session proved to be a dynamic and engaging platform for alumni of FDDI and NIFT, where ideas were shared and discussed to establish an ecosystem that fosters cross-linkages among the 60,000 alumni from all five top design institutions.

The event concluded as a resounding success, setting a promising tone for the future endeavors of the CORE initiative.