Other Services


FDDI Laboratories offers a wide variety of other services for helping the footwear industries:

Consultancy in Setting of In-House lab at factory site

  • We provide consultancy for buying accurate testing equipments for related test
  • To check the functioning of lab testing equipments
  • Calibration of equipments
  • Training to lab technician for performing the test at their testing equipments
  • For maintaining lab Environment (Temperature and Humidity)

Approval of Lab

ITC also approves/certifies in-house lab of manufacturers by auditing:

  • Functioning of Machines
  • Calibration of Machines
  • Test Methods
  • Lab environment (Temp & Humidity)
  • Training to technician
  • Cross testing

Capacity Verification of Factory

ITC also offers capacity verification of manufacturing unit by visiting their site which helps the manufactures to justify production capability for their various requirements like by examining the infrastructure of the company for making different types of footwear made by PU (DIP), PU (Pouring), PVC Injection, DVP etc.

Fault Diagnosis

  • Leather fault diagnosis at FDDI is a business to business service, covering a wide range of leather products. FDDI can identify leather product quality issues as well as leather manufacturing and tanning problems.
  • With over 20 years experience in the global leather industry, FDDI can provide effective solutions to most leather faults in the supply chain, as well as textile and synthetic faults.
  • Failure Analysis - Leather, Textile & Synthetic
  • Leather Upholstery Faults
  • Leather Problems & Faults
  • Footwear Faults