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Seminar on 'Financial Literacy' conducted at FDDI Jodhpur, campus

On 29th February 2024, under the Financial Literacy Week, a seminar on 'Financial Literacy' was conducted at FDDI, Jodhpur campus under the joint aegis of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

Sharing the details, Mr. Anil Kumar, AFHQCS, Executive Director (ED), FDDI, Jodhpur campus said, “Given the importance of finance in the contemporary society, lacking financial literacy can be very damaging to an individual’s long-term financial success, hence, this insightful seminar was planned.”


During the seminar, Mr. Abhishek Dixit, AGM & Lead Development Officer -Reserve Bank of India, NABARD DDM - Mr. Manish Manda, Mr. Shyam Rajpurohit, Lead Development Manager from ICICI Lead Bank Jodhpur and Mr. Manish Ramawat, Regional Manager, CRISIL Foundation shared information and tips regarding financial education including knowing how to create a budget, plan for retirement, manage debt, and track personal spending.

Based on the theme 'Make a Right Start: Become Financially Smart,' the seminar was designed to educate young adults, particularly students, about cultivating responsible financial habits from an early age.