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Seminar on ‘Current Trends in Sports Footwear Manufacturing Industry’ held at FDDI, Noida

An insightful seminar on the topic ‘Current Trends in Sports Footwear Manufacturing Industry’ was held at FDDI, Noida on 5th & 6th July 2023.

FDDI’s School of Footwear Design and Production (FDP) organized the seminar with the objective to upgrade the faculty and to make them aware with the current industry norms and standards.

The sessions were conducted by eminent speakers namely, Mr. Sreedhar Jayaraman, Mr. Tanmay Kr Mishra, Mr. S. D. Singh and Mr. S.M. Shahid Anwar, all of them having more than three decades of valuable experience in footwear manufacturing.

The first session was conducted by Mr. Sreedhar who gave a brief overview on how the sports footwear evolved over the ages and how each stage has contributed towards the development of the other. He also discussed about what technologies contributed to the development, the associated design features, the tangible and intangible factors associated in sports footwear.


The session on ‘Quality in Leather Footwear’ was conducted by Mr. Tanmay Kr. Mishra who briefed about ‘Quality’ from customer as well as factory’s approach, on how quality can be built into a sports footwear, the role of various processes in quality building. He also discussed about various approaches for achieving quality whether its KANBAN system or POKE-YOKE approach and many other. He explained the importance of each and every activity that is held on floor and that goes into making of quality as subject of utmost importance while manufacturing.

Mr. S.D. Singh briefed about the various aspects of ‘Global Sourcing and Outsourcing’. He explained about developing the strategies, the associated risks and benefits of First Movers, the intricacy of whole sourcing gamut right from design to logistics. He also discussed about the need of effective training which stands as a key ingredient to get desired result, understanding about the geopolitical effects & labour factor.

The last session was conducted by Mr. S.M. Shahid Anwar wherein he briefed about the changing market trends, how and when the various factors drive these trends, what are the various global facets that create shift in this paradigm.


There was an interactive session after the seminar which proved to be an excellent opportunity for the participants to take maximum benefit pertaining to increasing use of eco-friendly products, the market which is being driven by rising awareness about the importance of fitness, innovations in sole technology, growing preference for premium and customized products etc.