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International webinar on ‘Portfolio Development: Crafting your Path to Success’ held by FDDI, Hyderabad

On 19th August 2023, an international webinar on ‘Portfolio Development: Crafting your Path to Success’ was held by FDDI, Hyderabad.

The webinar was held in cooperation with School of Fashion Design (FD) of FDDI, Hyderabad campus during which Ms. Tasha Zafar and Ms. Sahithi K from Istituto Marangoni, London, United Kingdom were the key speakers.


Students of B.Des. Fashion Design of 2020 batch attended this webinar which provided insight on the significance of a well-crafted portfolio in today's competitive landscape, Key elements of a successful portfolio, Tailoring portfolios for different industries and career paths, Do's and Don'ts of portfolio presentation and design, Real-world examples of standout portfolios and their impact etc.

The webinar provided technical inputs to the students for enhancing their portfolio development techniques which will help them in expressing and translating their product designs & creative thoughts.

During the open house discussion session, the speakers clarified various technical queries asked by the students and other participants.