Associate Membership


FDDI offers the provision to become Associate Members of the institute. Companies can become Associate Members for an annual fee of Rs. 10,000 and US$ 500 (for overseas members). Associate Members are regularly informed of courses, latest developments in trade and are accorded priority in services from the FDDI.

An Associate Member gets some privileges on the services and matters related to the FDDI in particular. Some of the Privileges an Associate Member of FDDI enjoys are listed below.

Privileges of an Associate Member
  • A 10 % discount on Training, Consultancy, Pattern Grading, Publications, Chemical and Physical Testing charges.
  • The team of experts of "Cost Control, "Productivity" & "Quality” will be available for providing consultancy at concession rates.
  • A 10 % of the seats available in different courses being conducted by FDDI are reserved for the employees sponsored by the Associate Members and the same could be availed.
  • FDDI will assist the members in upgrading the quality of their products in making it of the international standard by giving expertise through our experts at a concession rates.
  • Free Library membership for Associate Members.
  • FDDI will circulate trade information, technical advancements, trade fairs and trend forecasts to its Associate Members on regular basis.
  • Associate member will get space in FDDI’s website at concession rates for the members web presence.
  • FDDI would set up a complete technical library in the member’s factory on nominal charges.
  • One-year subscription is to be deposited along with the application form and subsequently it shall be deposited on annual basis and in advance.
  • Membership Subscription - Membership fee per annum is Rs. 10, 000/- and fees for the overseas member will be US$ 500 per annum.
  • If at any stage, it is found / noticed that the members are acting contrary to the interest procedures / advice of the institute, the membership will be cancelled without any notice and the same shall be communicated to members.

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